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CREDO is a business group which focuses at the common goal: correctly and in the long term take a place on the market of developer's companies. The philosophy of the group members CREDO is a strong orientation at corporation with the client.

We provide integrated service for our clients such as advising during selection phase and proposal solution of clients needs, transformation performance throughout building realization as well as financing assurance and legal services. A part of our services includes also suitable locality selection to place the buildings as well as providing possibilities to choose and realize nowadays modern architecture which is presented by well-known Slovak and European authors.

The first company of the group has been in Slovak business market since 2003.

Group CREDO is oriented mostly in two fields of development.

Firstly it is building-up in town unit which is concerned in set of Polyfunctional houses with full-value background where you can find children's playgrounds, internal units of green matched with surroundings. These buildings have become dominant in their placement.

We also don't stay away from sensitively realized reconstructions and building extensions in the historical parts of town which are forming up market opportunity of living in terms of the preservation of the monuments.

Secondly it is the orientation at the support and improvement of tourist industry. This direction represents building of bungalow (cottage) complexes and pensions located in very interesting tourist range as well as global recreational resort where is the connection of building hotels, apartment houses, sport centers, wellness and so on.

Companies of CREDO group corporate with prestigious banks and this way is not only made a space and guarantee of control using financial sources of clients and a bank but also the possibility to provide subsequent financing certain parts by individual clients.

RNDr. Daniel Dobrota
president of CREDO

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