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PRESS » MILESTONES looking at Banská Bystrica (Development News Slovakia, 01-02/2009)

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This year, a new multi-functional residential house ‘MILESTONES’ is to be completed in Banská Bystrica, the framework construction has already been erected in the upper part of Fončorda housing estate. In the half of January, Open Day was organised by the investor, inviting new owners and others interested to visit the apartments in the first two residential blocks A and B.

Once completed, MILESTONES will offer a hundred new apartments of different size and layout, as well as non-residential premises located at the ground floor, to be used for shops and services. Project by Ing. arch. Juraj Kalus presents three, six to seven storeyed residential blocks that will become a new dominant of the housing estate. Company limited Feidias, s. r. o., belonging to the CREDO Group, is the investor. CREDO Group is one of the most important property developers in regions outside of Bratislava. RNDr. Daniel Dobrota, CREDO President, is the founder of the first of companies belonging to the group that is acting at the development market for more than 5 years CREDO Group is acting in several regions in Slovakia with two major focus: residential and multi-purpose construction in particular in the respective cities of Liptovský Mikuláš, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Košice and Trnava. Other key focus of CREDO Group activities is recreation segment, focusing only on Liptov region, so far.

”The fact that our MILESTONES Project was attractive for people even during its construction can be also proved by the fact that 44 out of the overall number of 100 apartments were sold by end 2008. Moreover, we already have tenants for five commercial premises, out of the total number of seven, in the lobby,“ Ing. Jarmila Melichárková, CREDO Group Executive Director, expressed her satisfaction. Melichárková said that all one-room flats were sold first, as well as most of the largest two-floor apartments, of which only one is available at the moment. According to Melichárková, this only proves how correct was their decision to focus mainly on medium and small-size segment in the new residential projects, but not omitting those seeking new top quality large apartments, though only with a limited offer. There are still free apartments in the MILESTONES project, one can choose from several types of size, spatial layout and orientation of residential and non-residential units.

”One of the major advantages of new flats within the MILESTONES project is their optimal architectonic solution offering flexible internal layout and stunning view on the city panorama and its surroundings,“ Project Manager Jozef Rožňák added, emphasising also the unique location. Multi-purpose building was erected in the old housing estate at a terraced slope with no development, which will allow the new flat owners to fully benefit from the established infrastructure that include shopping centres and other shops, service and school facilities, as well as many others. On the other hand, for those living in the older blocks of flats, this development will bring new premises for example for health care ambulances and other services not present there, at the moment. Underground part of the project provide hundred parking places that are generally lacking in this area. Additional 38 exterior parking places are to be built mainly adjacent to shops or service facilities.

Company limited MIJAS, s. r. o., is developing the project, and Tatra Banka, a. s., is the financing bank, offering also mortgages under favourable terms. Joint stock company LICITOR Group, a. s., is the sole seller of the project. Open Day event that received a very positive reaction from visitors, will be organised again in spring, very probably in March, when the framework construction of the C Block is planned to be completed. All three blocks are expected to be officially approved for use by end 2009.

Positive results with the preliminary sale of MILESTONES project inspired the investor to prepare other similar projects for different locations in Banská Bystrica, since the property demand is growing in the city after a failure of certain other competitive residential projects.

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